How To Use Your Computer As A Cash Register Without Expensive Software

It is easy to start using your computer as a cash register capable of receiving checks, credit cards and even recording cash transactions using Upsilon Payments.  Upsilon Payments will create a payment portal for your company that can be utilized just like a cash register without installing any expensive software; our program even puts the noncash money in the bank for you!  Just give us a call, and within hours we will have a payment portal cash register application set up for you like the one below.


Need recurring billing options?  No problem that is build right in with Upsilon Payments, with just a few clicks you can be saving your regular customer's payment data, making payments and setting up recurring billing.


And then in three clicks you will arrive at a timely printable receipt to give your client.


Using Upsilon Payments payment portals as an account receivable tool that works just like a cash register or using it to allow your customers to log in and make payments from the comfort of their computer.  All of your customer and payment information is kept securely on our web servers where you can access it at any time from any computer. 

Upsilon Payments also allows your data to be downloaded to the accounting software of your choice.  QuickBooks integration comes standard with our service.

All this for a price that anyone can easily afford, why not give us a call today at 425-358-0818 or email at and find out how easy it is for any size business to digitize their payments process.