Upsilon Payments Payment App

How to install the app

1.  On your phones browser search for UpsilonPayments. mobile-1
2.  Click through on the results to Upsilon Payments Home mobile-2

4.  Make a bookmark or "Add to Home Screen"
     add to home screen android instructions

mobile-3 mobile-4

5.  That’s it, when you want to use the app simply go to your book marks and open it up.  If you are making a payment to a business tap on the Public Payment App button and the business you registered at will show under My Payees.  If you are a business customer wanting to access your Account Receivable service tap on A/R Mobile App.

How it Works for Your Business

paymentapp1Now your customers can pay you from the parking lot!  With the Upsilon Payments public smart phone payment portal your customers can self-pay from the convenience of wherever they are with their iPhone or smart phone.

More and more of your customers are already getting out of touch with their personal computer and are doing more and more of their functional internet work on their smart phone.  This isn’t a trend that is going to go out of style.  The convenience of mobile computing  is here to stay and is just getting started.

Get out ahead of the pack and offer your customers the most convenient ways for them to pay you for your services with the Upsilon Payments Payment App.

Making a payment:

After tapping the Make A Payment button you will be taken to a page that lists any Payment Portals that you have already registered with or made a payment on at the website through one of our customer's payment portals. Simply click on the business name that you wish to make a payment to and you payment will be credited to your account with that business.


After tapping the recurring button you will be taken to a page that lists any recurring payments you have setup on a Upsilon Payments payment portal. Click the recurring payment you wish to edit and you will be given options to change the payment data for the recurring payment.


My Payments:

On the My Payments page you will see a grid with paging to allow you to see all payments you have made to businesses through WePayOnline. You may search on any of the columns you see listed on that page, search for date in the format of ex. 5/5/2011. You will wpo-mobilealso see an icon in the far left column that when tapped will allow you to view receipt details of the payment listed.   Using MvcCms MobileGrid you can search easily through all your payments to keep track of your accounts wherever you go.

Compatible devices:

This app is designed to be viewed with and compatible with most modern "smart-phones". If you have a phone that does not seem to display the pages correctly let us know and we will work to provide support for your device.