Landscaping Payment Processing


Payment processing for Landscaping Services needs to be low cost, able to share payment data with various accounting programs, mobile, and accessible to customers through a website. Receiving payments for corporate accounts is done best with a professional and secure online payment website that matches the style of your existing website.  These kinds of features are no longer only affordable for very large companies.  Upsilon Payments is making these services affordable for all sizes of landscaping and property maintenance organizations.

  Upsilon Payments Gives Your Business a Professional
Interface for Corporate Accounts to Pay On

Upsilon Payments is an experienced provider of payment processing to landscaping service providers.  We have experience helping businesses like yours receive payment from their customers in the flexible forms of ACH (check), and Credit Card with (on-site) Mobile Payments, Account Receivable Portals and Public Payment Sites.  Offering these services for payment alleviates collection problems and late payment issues as well as streamlining accounting without paper.

Upsilon Payments accomplishes this by providing two web-based platforms (at no additional cost) for your property management service provider.  One platform is private only accessible to the business owner, and one that is accessible by the corporate accounts or private account customers wishing to make a payment.  This allows customers to manage their payments on either a recurring payment basis (debiting accounts every week, every two weeks or every four weeks) or on a per need basis (“please debit my account today”).

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We aren’t trying to take a percentage of your income, we charge a very reasonable monthly charge for our service in addition to a very small percentage rate to cover our processing costs.  Upsilon Payments will provide you with personalized service, our representative that answers the phone will know about your company and be able to provide you with professional and personal advice about your payment processing setup and take care of any problems immediately.

We can also provide a no obligation Cost Analysis of your current Payment Statement to see how much money you can save by switching to Upsilon Payments. You are under no obligation to buy…we don’t offer Long Term commitments (ever), you may leave at any time and our Monthly Statements are both transparent and easy to understand.