Educational Services Payment Processing

Payment processing for Educational Services needs to be low cost, able to share payment data with various accounting programs and day care center applications.  Up till now processing your customer's payments meant either wrestling with accounting programs not designed to deal with a point of sale in a service environment.   Upsilon Payments has developed the first blended hybrid point of sale/accounting application that auto-generates accounting information needed for educational service providers while letting them do it in the natural environment of a checkout our point of sale application.

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Upsilon Payments is an experienced provider of payment processing to child care service providers and is working with over 500 Mathnasium locations nationwide and we are saving them all money on their Payment Processing.
Here is how we are doing it...

1) We charge a Payment processing Rate that takes what the Credit Card Companies charge to accept and process their cards and we add basis points to those rates (this is called Pass-Through Pricing). Our competitors take those same rates and put them into 3 Buckets called Qualified, Mid-Qualified, and Non-Qualified Pricing. Simply put not all cards are the same for you to process. Take a look at your MC and Visa Debit Card Rate is it 1.13%? If not you are paying too much...if you are using Intuit Payment Processing I know I am going to save you money...

2) If you can change a Card payment to an ACH payment you save even more money! We charge $.50 for a payment processed via ACH (the payment signs the sheet to debit their Checking account every month - for me, it's the 21st of every month for my 3 children attending Charlie's Mathnasium in Vernon Hills.

3) Dealing with Intuit and other accounting or facility management applications is such a hassle when all you want to do is receive some payments! Is it a hassle to work with Intuit Payment Solutions? Do you enjoy being debited twice by Intuit? Once when the payment is processed and then again at the end of the month? When it's too darn hot to be hassled.

4) Our Recurring Payment system is a snap to use and once you set you can forget it!

5) Our automated emails are sent to your parents notifying them of a successful or failed payment...if it fails they respond quick when they receive an email versus not AND the email removes you from the COLLECTION Process.

6) Did you know that your customer's Credit Card information resides in Quick Books (accessed through your computer) unencrypted? This puts you and your business at risk for being non-compliant! When you use the Upsilon Payments system the credit card (and ACH) information is encrypted and the PCI liability rests with Upsilon Payments and not you! Ask Intuit what is their policy for PCI compliance! Where does the risk lie?

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We can also provide a no obligation Cost Analysis of your current Payment Statement to see how much money you can save by switching to Upsilon Payments. You are under no obligation to buy…we don’t offer Long Term commitments (ever), you may leave at any time and our Monthly Statements are both transparent and easy to understand.