Credit Card Swipe for Virtual Terminals Has Arrived
Dear Valued Customer,
We're pleased to announce that Upsilon Payments Accounts Receivable Virtual Terminals are now all card swipe-ready.
All our customers now have the capability to quickly add credit card swipe to their virtual terminal simply by installing a USB based magnetic card swiper that is available from Upsilon Payments. 

The swiper is only 100mm long and can fit almost anywhere, making it ideal for POS and desktop applications. Whether it is used stand alone or attached to a monitor, touchscreen or all-in-one unit, the WePayOnline magnetic reader provides the functionality needed with a tiny form factor.
With our seamless integration with our web based virtual terminal all you have to do is have your customer or yourself swipe the unit while the enter payment details page is open and the card will be read, and the appropriate fields on the screen will be automatically filled out, and the transaction will be submitted automatically.  On our edit, payment details page and edit recurring payment page fields are automatically filled out with the read card.

Our prices include installation and pre and post installation support.
Logic Controls MR1000 Magnetic Stripe Reader $99.95 (Includes Shipping and Handling) Then just $4.99 per month Gateway Hosting ( the please contact the first month is free)…
Touch Screens Available and Prices provided upon request (many makes and models to choose from).

If you need further assistance, please contact a member of our team. 
Best regards,
Upsilon Payments Sales And Support
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